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Top  Trust New Line Transport to deliver professional service along with every materials delivery we make.
Dealing with the delivery of building materials is now one less problem you have to worry about.  Let New Line Transport handle everything.  From the first phone call to the drop-off at the final site, our "Total-Pro Approach" will take care of every aspect of the delivery.  All of our service representatives are experienced in what it takes to move your building materials quickly, efficiently and properly, to ensure you a trouble-free, on-time delivery.

  Top  No matter what materials you need to handle...Let us handle them!
When you have a load of building materials ready to go, you want a transport company that's ready to work.  Our well trained managers immediately understand what you need to schedule your job.  Every flatbed in our fleet is able to securely carry any materials you need delivered.  Each and every truck is fitted with the correct equipment to assure you that your materials will get where they're going without delay!

That's the New Line Transport philosophy...
D R I V E N   B Y   Q U A L I T Y


  Top  Centralized customer service center
Keeping track of an order is as important as having the materials to fill it.  That's why New Line Transport has a centralized Customer Service Center that utilizes QualComm GPS technology.  All of your orders and scheduling go through one convenient location, so you will be able to initiate a job, and track its progress as it develops, through one, efficient office.  If there are any changes in the order or delivery instructions, adjustments can be handled quickly without having to track down a lot of different contacts.  Simply dial 1-800-809-0092.


  Top  Truck terminal locations throughout the Southeast
If you're delivering to job sites anywhere in the Southeast, that's just another reason for using New Line Transport.  Our fleet has bases in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Mobile AL, Savannah, GA and Charlotte, NC. So, when you need to deliver building materials in the state of Florida, New Line Transport is the logical choice.


  Top  A totally modern, high payload fleet
A transport company is only as good as its equipment.  That's why New Line Transport's fleet is one of the most modern, high payload fleets on the road.  Newer and lighter equipment allows us to transport higher payloads to your job site locations.

Our professionally trained and equipped fleet mechanics analyze and maintain our equipment to keep it rolling and assure total dependability.  You can count on New Line Transport to get your load delivered.


  Top  Bi-lingual drivers ensure that your instructions are understood at the job site.
¿Se habla español?  Well, if you don't, think of this... many workers in the southeastern region do.  Instructions that have to be relayed with your delivery should be delivered in both English and Spanish.  If that's the case with your order, just let us know.  New Line Transport offers drivers who are bi-lingual!  They are accustomed to communicating with the mix of backgrounds of the workers found on most job sites, eliminating any mix-ups when an order is delivered.

  Top  Take a load off your mind...and put it on us!



Let our "Total-Pro Approach" put the pressures of your next order of building materials on our shoulders...and on our trucks!  Call us, let us know what the order is, the pick-up and drop-off points, and we'll start the wheels turning right away. 


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